Class Descriptions


Ballet is a classical form of dance that involves physical strength and agility, strong concentration skills, an understanding of music and rhythm and a love of movement. Ballet provides many benefits for children of all ages, regardless of their skill level. It aims to improve flexibility, co-ordination and balance and helps to improve posture. The exercises used within our ballet classes from barre work, to allegro, to character dance can improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health and fitness. This helps to reduce stress, improve bodily awareness and increase confidence within the dancer.

Although ballet is a strict discipline, Fit2Dance teach ballet in a safe, fun and friendly environment from creative baby ballet classes through to focussed higher grade classes and adult classes.


Tap Dance is a rhythmical and expressive form of dance that increases musical awareness, flexibility and co-ordination. Tap builds strength in the legs and feet and increases flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles through the various relaxation and technical exercises within the syllabus. It is a style of great enjoyment and gives pupils the opportunity to learn and understand different styles of music whilst creating amazing sounds. We teach the ISTD graded syllabus at Fit2Dance, so whether pupils want to tap for fun or to develop through exams, there is something for everyone.


Contemporary dance is an expressive and creative form of dance which merges a variety of dance styles to convey meaning through movement by connecting mind and body. A variety of techniques are used from relaxation to improvisation to gain these results, inspired by pioneers such as Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. Contemporary is a great style to develop freedom of movement, to improve overall versatility as a performer and to push boundaries.

At Fit2Dance we focus on training the mind and body within our contemporary classes which makes them engaging and enjoyable for all pupils.


Modern/ Jazz classes are fun genres of dance which combine a number of technical elements with style and performance. It is often seen in musical productions and has many theatrical qualities. It allows the pupil to understand and develop skills to a number of musical styles such as jazz, rock and lyrical. The technical exercises within Modern/ Jazz classes help to improve muscle strength, flexibility and stamina necessary for this highly energetic dance form.

Fit2Dance just loves modern/jazz. Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse are just a couple of sources of inspiration. It is a great class to get involved in and covers all the elements of performance for our pupils.


Cheerleading is a fun and energetic style, combining dance and gymnastic movements. The American tradition aims for cheerleaders to raise the level of encouragement and support for their team, promoting enthusiasm, positive attitudes and community spirit. Cheer technique is developed through a number of strength building exercises, chants and tumbles using props such as pom poms. This combined with acrobatic movement increases strength, flexibility and personal achievement. Cheer technique emphasises and relies hugely upon teamwork and focus which not only has many social benefits, but builds character and confidence within the pupils.

Cheerleading is a great new skill to learn and gives the pupils an opportunity to be heard as well as seen in a controlled and enjoyable environment.


Disco/Freestyle is fun and funky style of dance in which routines are created to a range of popular music tracks, old and new. Disco/Freestyle helps to improve performance skills as well as timing and co-ordination by learning varied dance combinations and patterns.

A fun class enjoyed by all.

Street Dance

Street Dance has exploded in the UK over the past decade. It includes many styles such as popping, locking, house and hip hop to name a few. Street classes work on the foundations of these various styles and are then developed through choreography and opportunities to freestyle. There is a strong emphasis on personal style within Street classes, allowing the individual to put their personal stamp on the movement. Street dance helps pupils to develop musicality, co-ordination and strength in the muscles and joints, so it’s a great way to keep active and have fun.

Street Dance is a great way for pupils to express themselves through movement and performance, so there is something for all pupils to enjoy, no matter what their experience or background is.


Zumba Fitness is a latin inspired dance fitness class also known as 'Exercise in Disguise'!

The class combines a mixture of exhilarating latin music tracks with easy to follow, high energy dance steps and combinations. It's an exciting way to burn calories, tone the body and enjoy fitness! So whether you are looking for something new, to lose some weight or to stay in shape and have fun, come along and join the Zumba party!